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Meet Preston

He’s transforming his life, thanks to your support.

“Before Cara, I was working at Subway for the last seven years. I was looking for advancement, so I got my Commercial Driver’s License. I want to transition into truck driving, so I came to Cara for resources and a professional reference.

“A lot of jobs won’t give me an opportunity. They want at least one year of experience. I am trying to find a job where I could possibly advance to truck driving. My ultimate goal would be to own and operate a dump truck.

“I am starting to work at Cleanslate next week. I am working on developing all of the skills I need to reach my goals. I’m creative, ambitious, and motivated.

“The things that have stuck out to me at Cara are the exercises. They involve everyone and have a message to them. It helped me sharpen my plan and organizational skills. It all played an amazing role in my development.

“One of the exercises we had was about forgiveness. Although you can move forward, there’s always something from the past that can hold you back. I could go on to own a dump truck, but if I feel mentally and emotionally out of line on the inside, it could break up what I have on the outside.

“I learned that invisible things like love, faith, loyalty, respect, and integrity are just as important as money, cars, and a house.

“We had a love exercise where we talked to someone who was challenging to talk to, and it had a big impression on me. I realized my pride didn’t allow me to talk to certain people, even when I knew I should try to make amends with them.”

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