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What Does Success Look Like?

By the numbers, it might look like: 1,000 jobs each year with high one-year retention rates for our permanent placements. By the books, it might look like: a social return on investment where for every dollar invested in this work, $5.97 is re-invested in society over a five-year time horizon. But by the people, it can look like so much more. It can look like the lightbulb click of a new skill, the cheeks wet with tears of a renewed connection with family, or smiles far and wide for a safe place to call home and the gainful employment to sustain it. Success is learnings and beginnings. It’s stuff you can count and other stuff you just feel. Let us show you how.

33 Years
Of transforming communities and lives
Jobs since 1991
People employed since 1991
Return on social investment for every $1 donated
Annual earnings by Cara participants
One-year retention rate at same firm
Average hourly wage

  • “Cara taught me how to persevere and have the confidence that I needed to begin living my best life.”
    – April, Cara Graduate

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