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Tools for Building a More Inclusive Economy

To build a more inclusive economy, we partner with two main groups: employers looking to hire and cultivate untapped talent, and community-based organizations readying untapped talent to begin and advance in their careers. This is our hub for articles, videos, and how-to guides that equip employers and community-based organizations with tools for breaking the cycle of poverty in their communities, once and for all. Have a suggestion for resources you want us to share? Contact us at


Make the Case

We are currently at a critical inflection point: 70+ million Americans are excluded from the workforce because they don’t have a four-year degree or have been impacted by the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, employers across the country are struggling to find and keep talent — especially in frontline roles. Through our Make the Case campaign, we are telling the stories of how leading employers leveraged untapped talent to solve critical business needs while transforming lives and communities in the process.

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The AdvoKit

The AdvoKit: A Toolkit to Create Strong Employer Partnerships and Push for Inclusive Change is our two-part approach for cultivating relationships with employers and becoming a trusted advisor to shift their practices around recruitment, hiring, and advancement for talent pools that have previously been overlooked for quality employment.

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Bridging the Advancement Gap

Millions of Americans have ambitions to advance their careers and move out of frontline roles; yet many do not see a pathway to get there. Recently, Cara Plus executed one of the largest national studies on frontline worker upward mobility, Bridging the Advancement Gap: What Frontline Employees Want – and What Employers Think They Want, thanks to analysis from Cara Plus and McKinsey & Company.

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The Motivated Talent You’re Missing Out On
Recently, an article caught my eye: “Where are all of the missing workers?” it asked, citing the anemic return to…
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Pulling Highest Potential Out of Hardest Life Places
Hollowed out by years of insults and harrowing assaults from her husband, it was a drive to survive that kept…
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Our Affiliate Model
In this video, produced by our friends at Freethink, we explain why and how we share Cara Collective’s best practices…
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When Job Seekers Become Job Ready
When job seekers become job ready, our team at Cara Collective calls it becoming Send Out Eligible (SOE). We recognize…
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Cara Collective’s Service Delivery Model
In this video, we break down Cara Collective’s Service Delivery Model into four components: Recruitment, Training, Employment Services, and Coaching….
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The Impact of Socio-Emotional Training
At Cara Collective, our job training curriculum is not only centered around learning professional skills, but also personal development. In…
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Changing the Game of Inclusive Hiring
Cara Plus and World Business Chicago host a dynamic virtual conversation on what companies can accomplish when they revamp their…
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The Data-Driven Case for Fair Chance Hiring
View our presentation on bridging the advancement gap for frontline workers. In partnership with McKinsey & Company, Cara Plus recently…
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Social Enterprise Best Failures
In March 2021, we hosted a webinar showcasing Cara Collective’s social enterprise best failures through 30 years of workforce development,…
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