The “How” of Building an Inclusive Economy

Make the case for CHANGE.

We are currently at a critical inflection point: 70+ million Americans are excluded from the workforce because they don’t have a four-year degree or have been impacted by the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, employers across the country are struggling to find and keep talent — especially in frontline roles. Frontline workers make up the majority of our workforce, and yet receive the least amount of support and advancement opportunities.

Through our Make the Case campaign, we are telling the stories of how leading employers leveraged untapped talent to solve critical business needs while transforming lives and communities in the process. We’re doing this in two ways:


First, we’re releasing several case studies that chronicle the stories of what it took for companies to launch and scale inclusive employment initiatives, across financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and others.


Second, in 2024, we’ll host a series of discussions diving deep with these companies, giving you the opportunity to understand their journey, so you can launch, deepen, or scale inclusive employment initiatives at your firm.

For employers who have the will but need the way

Through summer of 2024, we’ll be releasing new case studies that dive into companies’ inclusive employment journeys. Start with our first study that follows the steps BMO, a major North American bank, took to launch BMORE. In just three years, BMO has hired 100 Associate Bankers from underserved communities.

Go Beyond the Case

Join our Beyond the Case deep dive discussions, where you will learn directly from the employers profiled in our case studies to understand their journeys and begin to explore how you can launch, strengthen, or scale inclusive employment initiatives in your firm. 

To start, sign up for our two-part Beyond the Case discussion with BMO launching in January 2024.

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