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Alex Finds Stability with Cleanslate and The Habitat Company

“Before Cara, I was bouncing around from job to job. I worked at restaurants, factory jobs, all types of random work. I worried about having the means to support my daughter. Then I joined Cleanslate, and found a community and more job experience. It wasn’t always easy to stick through the program, but hearing the advice and support from the staff is what got me through.

“After Cleanslate, I did temporary janitorial work at the Cara office downtown. From there, I got a job with the Habitat Company, which is the job I currently have now. I have more stability at this job, which is a game changer.

I have insurance and benefits, and now I know my daughter’s taken care of. I get good pay, and paid days off, which I could never find at any other job. It’s a blessing being here.

A lot of people aren’t willing to give chances to people, especially if they have a background. So Cleanslate is taking a chance just by doing that program. These are people’s first time working a job, so there is some patience involved with that. It’s nice to know I have this support system, since I did a good job and worked hard there, I know Cara will have my back.

Whenever I see Cleanslate workers on the job, I go up and talk to them. I let them know that I’ve been through the same thing, to hang in there and that things will only get better. It helps to be on the other side of things and help out those in the middle of it.”

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