For employers ready to build or grow inclusive employment initiatives

Think fireside chat meets idea incubator: our series of Beyond the Case discussions unpack the inclusive employment journeys several companies took, so that you’ll gain the knowledge, learnings, and inspiration to begin building or growing an inclusive employment initiative at your firm. Come to our inaugural two-part discussion, centered around learnings from Breaking Barriers in Banking: The Case for Skills-Based Hiring, focused on the steps BMO took to build and grow a skills- and community-based hiring initiative.

The first session will explore what it takes to unlock the power of untapped talent. We will deep dive into the steps BMO took to build BMORE, including gaining critical buy-in, building community partnerships, and adopting skills-based hiring to launch their innovative program. The second session will focus on how to retain the power of untapped talent. Here we will focus on what BMO learned, how they adapted, and how they scaled across the country. Join one or both to learn directly from BMO and explore concrete steps you can take at your firm.

By attending, you will:

How to partner with community-based organizations to reach new talent pools

Ways to evaluate and hire job seekers based on transferable skills and limitless potential

Best practices to make untapped talent stay, succeed, and advance within your company

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Unlocking the Power of Untapped Talent

Retaining the Power of Untapped Talent


Friday, January 26

Friday, February 9


12:00 – 1:00 PM CDT

12:00 – 1:00 PM CDT

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