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CAP Helps Marcus Stay Involved with His Grandchildren

“Before Cara, I was trying to make it on the streets. I was going out every day doing whatever it took to get money. But that led to a life of being in and out of jail. I was arrested 27 times over the course of 30 years. I knew I had do something different. 

“In the past, when I was locked up, I’d always say I was going to do what I need to turn things around. But I never took action. I never really took the steps. 

“Right before I was released, my cousin told me about Cara. He was going through the program and was telling me about everything that they did there. 

“Coming to Cara has been great. The best part of getting your day going is being in the Great Room. Cara helped me expand and grow, I wasn’t used to anything like that! 

”I am part of the Cara Accelerated Pathway (CAP). CAP is a great fit for me because it is hands on. It’s satisfying to see a project after it’s finished because I can look at it and say to myself, ‘I did that.’ I love that about working with your hands. When you’re done there’s something to show for your hard work. 
“But, what really sets Cara apart is that you’re part of a team. Every day the trainers and the Cleanslate crews come in with a smile, everyone is so excited to be there and they’re ready to teach us something, whether it’s about learning how to be a father or how to respond to someone in a new way. 
“Everything feels different because I have a team at Cara. I have people behind me that see my vision of what I want to do and are helping me achieve it. I’m 53 years old and I’ve never had people willing to do things for me and have my back. Their support makes me feel like I can do anything! 

“Today, I am excited because I get to be part of my grandkids’ lives. I have five grandkids who mean everything to me – and I don’t want to miss a single moment with them.”   

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