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Why I Champion Cara: Steve Quirk

Meet Steve Quirk, this week’s highlighted Champion for our Giving Tuesday campaign. We spoke with Steve to hear his story and find out why he champions Cara.

What is your current affiliation to Cara?

“Currently, I am a Board Member and supporter of Cara Collective.”

How did you originally become connected to Cara Collective?

I became connected through my relationship with the Owens family. Our kids were friends and still are. Through my kids, I got to know Tom Owens (the founder of Cara) and the whole family. I would participate in some of the Cara events and support the mission in terms of donations and things. It was really when COVID started up, I had a meeting with Bill Conroy and he asked me if I would be willing to join the Board of Directors. I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve always thought it was such a great cause and such a great mission. At the time, I only knew about Cara from the outside looking in. I didn’t know about Cara the way you get to know about it when you are more formally involved.”

How and in what areas has Cara helped/inspired you to grow?

I think the timing inspired me to grow my involvement. The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everybody, but it’s so much more difficult for people who don’t have the opportunities that others do. In that regard, whether it’s, you know, childcare, employment, housing, it’s just so important that you continue to address those needs. A lot of people become a little more focused on themselves when times get tough, but you have to remember that the people who don’t have all the opportunities that some of us do, are even having a bigger struggle. I think by telling the story of how tough it is for those struggling right now, I think we can open other people’s eyes and they’re are going to want to help.”

“I champion Cara because of the stories, the perseverance, and the attitude of the participants who have come from such hardship and have persevered through that, it’s just amazing.”

– Steve Quirk

What about Cara motivates you to champion us in the various ways that you do?

All you got to do is meet Cara participants and alumni and listen to their success stories. The way that they’ve pulled themselves out of really rocky situations and gone on to be successful in everything they’re trying to do.  It couldn’t be more motivating. The stories, the perseverance, and the attitude of the participants who have come from such hardship and have persevered through that, it’s just amazing.”

What’s your favorite Cara memory?

“I’ve only been with Cara for a short time since COVID. It’s been only virtual. However, my hope is that I get to see more of the mission in person. It’s one thing to read about it, or even experience it virtually, but in order to experience it in person.. I’m just really, really excited about that.

Motivations Question: Who/what inspired you give 100% this year?

My family always inspires me. It’s always my family. I give 100% because I expect them to do the same thing. You know, no matter what you do, do it well. You can’t just pick and choose to do things well sometimes. Either do them well all the time or you don’t do them at all. That’s my opinion.”

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