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Constance lands her dream job

Meet Constance, a Cara participant who landed her dream job at Rush University Medical Center earlier this year!

Starting struggles

“Before Cara, I struggled with addiction. I found myself in a place I could have never imagined myself in. Once I decided enough is enough, I joined a recovery home and was introduced to Cara for the first time in 1995. My journey to recovery was not easy, and I fell out of the program.

“Although I eventually became sober, I struggled for years looking for a long-term job, but could not muster the courage to return to Cara. Almost 20 years later, during the pandemic, I lost my youngest son, which was a massive wake up call for me to turn my life around. In 2021, I found my way back to Cara, and I was welcomed with open arms.

Knocking down barriers

“Cara has always supported me and shown me compassion. I knew I wanted a long-term career, specifically in an office setting, but had barriers in my way. I lacked the digital literacy skills I needed and didn’t have a high school degree. I had been running away from getting my GED for over 40 years, but I knew it was finally time to stop putting it off. So, while I was working in a temporary position at Cara, I went back to school and got my diploma! It meant so much to finally have doors open for me that I could not access for so long.”

“I made sure to take full advantage of the digital literacy courses at Cara. The staff was so supportive and patient with me, and I was able to become much more proficient in my computer skills. On top of that, I put in hours of work to improve my resume and interview skills.”

Working on a dream

“All my work landed me my dream job at Rush University Medical Center! It wasn’t easy but I had a lot of help along the way. The impact Rush has had on my life is amazing, I’m doing something that I love, and it comes naturally from the heart. I can see a future for myself at Rush, and my plan is to save up and retire from here soon.”

“I can take care of myself now and my children no longer worry about me. I find peace in knowing that they are finally at peace. I’ve come such a long way and I’m very proud of myself.”

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