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Constance finds the motivation to fulfill a 30-year goal

“For 30 years, I had been running away from getting my GED. I was afraid of failing and I was my own worst enemy.

“Because of this, I was stuck going from one job to the next, never really feeling fulfilled. One day, I realized that I wanted more for myself – and that it was on me to go out and get that. I knew Cara would be a great place to start.

“I was first introduced to Cara in 1998 through a recovery program. It’s been a journey. I learned how to present myself during phone interviews, how to use the internet, and how to prepare resumes. A whole lot of stuff that I didn’t think that I could do, but with the help and support of staff, I learned important skills and I was able to work on me.

“What I like about the Cara staff is they’ve always just been there for me. I always knew I could come to Cara whenever I needed help. I’ve been so grateful for the support they’ve given me over all these years.

“In early 2022, I was finally ready to get my GED. I was working a temp job through Cara Connects, so having the support of the Cara team was wonderful. Everyone would see me and ask how my classes were going. They kept me motivated and they kept me going – even when the doubts came in. Through this, they really proved they were there for me, and it made me believe that I could do this.

“In June, I finally got my GED. I finished second in my class. That piece of paper means the world to me. Now when I apply for jobs, and it asks if I have a high school diploma on the application, I’m able to check that box. And I can’t tell you how great that feeling is.

“Now, I’m ready for the next step in my journey. Through Cara, I’m doing one-on-one courses to enhance my computer skills and I’m looking for a job. I know I can bring a lot to a company and I love helping people. I’m a strong individual and I’m going to succeed in all my goals!”

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