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Welcome to the Change the Conversation Challenge, a compensated way to deepen your learning around The AdvoKit: A Toolkit to Create Strong Employer Partnerships and Push for Inclusive Change

Please take five minutes to sign up for the Challenge opportunities that are best for you. Please also share relevant curiosities and background information, so that we can make your Challenge experience as productive and impactful as possible. 

Available Challenge Opportunities 

Sign up for the Challenge opportunit(ies) that work best for you. 

There isn't a cap on the number of people that may sign up from the same organization; however, we ask that everyone sign up individually to ensure all participants receive Challenge details.

We understand that time is valuable and want to compensate organizations that take the time to actively engage with the Challenge. Compensation will be addressed to each organization that participates in one or more of the opportunities, regardless of the number of staff that participate.

Opportunity #1: Share Your Successes and Where You Need More Help

  • If you have what you need to move forward, do the work on your own! Once you have tested new practices, attend a virtual debrief session in March to share how you applied knowledge gained from The AdvoKit.
  • Dates: 3/2/2023 and 3/9/2023

Opportunity #2: Share Wins on LinkedIn

  • If you want to deepen engagement with your community and share your successes with your network, respond to our Change the Conversation Challenge prompts on LinkedIn, describing what you’ve learned and achieved by applying the knowledge gained from The AdvoKit.
The opportunity to sign up for a learning cohort closed on 01/13, but please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Note: If you sign up for Opportunity #1, you will not be able to sign-up for Opportunity #2.

Employer Engagement

Challenges with Employer Engagement

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Note: The more specific you can get the more tailored the Challenge will be for you and your team.