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Meet Our #AlwaysEssential Moms

The global pandemic made us pause and take notice of the bravery and tireless efforts of our essential workers: the sheroes and heroes in our hospitals, grocery stores, sanitation departments, to name only a few. Society now sees, and hopefully never forgets, frontline workers’ contributions for all that they are: the skills and services our world depends on.

But one role that isn’t always top of mind is the role of moms, which is undoubtedly essential every year but especially throughout this past one. Their responsibilities and accomplishments as mothers won’t be listed on any LinkedIn profile or resume (even though navigating K-12 remote schooling is a more-than-brag-worthy skill), but that doesn’t mean they are anything less than essential – both to their families and to our communities.

With great uncertainty, moms had to make difficult choices this past year: some continued working remotely, juggling family and career in one space; others worked essential jobs on the front lines while navigating childcare and safety precautions; and many left their jobs completely, prompting a “shecession” of women exiting the workforce in unprecedented numbers. 

We help moms stay in the workforce, understanding families fall into poverty if moms can’t find the support and opportunities they need. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate them, our moms in our Cara Collective community, who have always been, and will always be, essential.

“It means a lot to me and my family to be an essential worker because I’m helping our communities by cleaning them up.”

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“My kids are my motivation, the fuel that keeps my engine moving forward.”

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“My role as a mom has helped me all throughout my career, especially when coaching other moms.”

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