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Meet Mikeal

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

“I was working as an admissions adviser at a small business college. But the college was facing some problems and the campus I worked on was shut down and everyone was laid off. Initially, I thought I’d have another job in 30 to 60 days. I had a great personality. I had an MBA. I was more than qualified.

“But after a year, employment still wasn’t happening. I felt I was doing something wrong – that all my previous decisions in life were wrong.

“Unemployment put a lot of pressure on my family. I went from being independent to dependent. Having to rely on the rest of the family to support me added so much stress.

“Cara helped me connect the dots and gave me the tools I needed. It taught me what I needed to fine-tune about myself to be successful. Cara opened doors for me and gave me that extra edge.

“I’m so excited to work for UChicago Medicine. This is the dream for me. This means that all my hard work was worth it. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”

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