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Meet Nicole

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

“I got my master’s degree two years ago because I wanted to get into human resources. I searched job boards and LinkedIn. Recruiters responded with opportunities that sent me to places with an hour and a half commute or had only contract roles. It just seemed like I wasn’t being heard. I was going all the way out to Lake Geneva for my job.

“I found out about Cara because I was trying to get my son to join. I thought I would lead my example while also getting what I need.

“The Cara community is wonderful. I was able to connect and talk to people about their goals and their dreams. If people were ever having a bad day, everyone would remind each other to look at the big picture. 

“We wouldn’t let anyone in our community slip through the cracks because we all have an objective to get that job. For me, it wasn’t about one job, but it was about finding my career. I can’t keep starting over.

“My class showed me the gifts that people have to persevere. Transformations taught me humility and how to root for everyone. Hearing other narratives made me think “Why are people so hard on themselves?” But I realized that I am hard on myself too.

I am realizing that if you reach out to people, they will reach out to help you. I reached out to Corporate Account Managers, Liz and Kelly, who have been more than accommodating.

“I have a passion for excellence and life in general. I have four kids looking up to me, and I am leading by example.”

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