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Theresa Roche Appointed to Cara Board of Directors

Cara has formally announced the appointment of Theresa Roche to its Board of Directors. Roche assumed the term from Robert Roche, who has been a tenured Director for the past several years. The motion was made by Mark Carroll, Nominating Committee Chair, and was seconded by Chairman Emeritus Tom Owens Sr.

Roche is the Director of the Roche Family Foundation, which has been a generous donor to Cara – contributing $100,000 per year to our operations and $10,000 towards the Thomas M. Owens Legacy Fund. She is President of OAR Management, Inc., where she focuses on accelerating the growth and profitability of the Roche Enterprises portfolio of businesses. With over 12 years of industry experience and 25 years of legal experience, Roche managed her own law practice for more than 17 years and also worked as a Contract Attorney for the Office of the Cook County Public Guardian. She earned a Juris Doctor with honors from IIT‐Chicago Kent College of Law.

“It is an honor to welcome Theresa to our Board. Through her involvement in organizations ranging from the Girl Scouts of America to the Illinois District 123 Education Foundation, Theresa has shown her dedication to strengthening her community,” says Cara President and CEO Maria Kim. “This move ensures the voice of the Roche Family Foundation, a wonderful multi-dimensional supporter to Cara, continues to be represented at this important inflection point in our growth.”

Robert Roche vacated his seat to focus on his companies based in Asia. With more than three decades of experience living and working in Asia and the U.S., he has founded and invested in companies around the world and has philanthropic ties with many internationally focused nonprofit organizations. As President of Roche Enterprises, Robert has helped manage businesses that have generated more than $1 billion in enterprise value. He is the Executive Chairman of Acorn International, a leading media and branding company in China he co-founded in 1997, and Executive Chairman of Oak Lawn Marketing, an omni-channel brand response company in Japan he co-founded in 1993. Read his full bio here.

Cara’s Board will retain 25 Directors for the 2018–2019 term. Chairman Bill Conroy will continue in his role. Click here to see a complete list of Board members.