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Aldena Lands a Perfect Opportunity with Cara and Habitat

Aldena always knew she wanted a position like the one she found at Mahalia Jackson Apartments. She made a name for herself while working in temporary Habitat jobs, as she wanted to secure that ideal role. After putting in the hard work and many hours, she landed a great position through Cara Connects as an Administrative Assistant. Now, she feels like she can really support herself and her family, and has more confidence than ever before. Aldena says that Habitat and Cara are the best duo around for job seekers like her.

“I didn’t have a job that I liked. I always knew I wanted to have an administration type of job, one with good hours and decent pay. I put in the work at Habitat to get to this point, and I got blessed. Cara always looked out for the job I wanted while I worked temporary jobs. I was always able to have real and honest conversations with the staff. It’s more than just a job to them. You can tell the staff really cares.

“Now, I’m able to really support myself and help my family out. It’s a sustainable situation, and I’m comfortable. I’m grateful for the chance to learn, grow, and perfect my skills. 

“I’m looking to get promoted soon, and I have the confidence to ask for that. I’m looking for more responsibility and better pay. I know I am willing to put the work in for that. I know I can always count on Cara and Habitat for support if I get stuck. They’re a great dynamic duo for people.”

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