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Alex’s Knock-Out Interview

Alex ready to rock his interview with Virgin Hotels Chicago

This post was originally published by our friends at the CBO Collective, a network of 16 founding workforce development non-profits (including Cara Collective) organized for systems change.

“I want Pat’s job!” were the first four words uttered out of Alex’s mouth, referring to Pat, Cara Connects Director of Business Development. He was responding to the question, “What would be your ideal job?” He delivered it with the perfect blend of humor and confidence, almost like Babe Ruth calling his homerun shot against the Chicago Cubs in the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field. It certainly seemed like a legendary comment.

Confidence underlies the mastery of Cara’s workplace core competencies. It doesn’t work to say, “I am pretty sure that I will be there before my shift starts at 11am.” Alex’s quiet confidence reared its beautiful head many times during his interview preparation for a Junction Agent position at Virgin Hotels-Chicago.

In a text to his Cara Career Coach, “I will be at the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street from Virgin Hotel at 9am prior to my 11am interview. I need some food and caffeine to be at my best that morning,” said Alex. He continued, “Locked and loaded! My interview look this morning.” This text accompanied a photo of Alex in his perfectly stylish navy sweater and tie to accompany a crisp white shirt. 

After the interview Alex sent this note, “I researched the architecture of the Virgin Hotel and showed how knowledgeable I was about the building. They were impressed.”

In Alex’s carefully crafted recommendation letter to Sarah Brown, Virgin’s Director of People, it was stated, “Alex has impressed every single Cara staff member with whom he has worked. He is such an authentic person, really builds rapport with others exceptionally fast, has been a terrific communicator, and committed to best presenting himself to Virgin Hotels.”

Sarah was remote on the day that Alex interviewed with his future boss, Andrew Carls. However, she emailed Alex’s Cara Career Coach the following just a few hours after his visit, “I worked from home today, but the team just sent me a note they LOVED Alex. They will be offering him the job likely today!” 

Alex received the offer and started his first day of employment at Virgin Hotels on Monday, April 18, 2022.

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