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Algie’s Journey to Recovery

“A couple of years ago, I was offered probation. But first, I was required to do 90 days of classes with Cook County Jail. Once I completed them, I was given the option to leave and go back into society. For me, though, that’s kind of a big mistake because it doesn’t address some of the issues I was facing.

Sometimes your addiction has nothing to do with actual drug use; it has a lot to do with the issues you’ve been dealing with all your life. So instead, I chose to go to a recovery home for four months.

“Once in recovery, I got a job in security. Then COVID hit. I was laid off and had a lot of time sitting idle. The court shut down, so there wasn’t really a way to report on how my probation was going. I got complacent.

“I didn’t get back into chaos or committing crimes, but I started drinking. One situation led to another and, even though I eventually found work, I only made enough to stay at a hotel here and a hotel there. It got unbearable; the walls around me were starting to crumble again.

“At this point, I was worried they would take me back into custody, but a judge suggested that I go to a place called Restoration Ministries for a year. Regardless of the help I knew I needed, I didn’t want to go. When I got a call directing me to have my stuff packed up and ready by tomorrow, I was so emotional.

“But ultimately, I knew I needed the structure and the scope of Restoration Ministries. In exchange for room and board, I worked in the warehouse, which is basically like a thrift store where we sell everything from clothing to couches. People donate their items, and then we price and put them out on the sales floor. All proceeds go back to fund Restoration Ministries’ program.

“Fast forward to now, a year later, and I successfully graduated from Restoration Ministries. Life is really good; I’m on my way to getting my own apartment. Their CEO told me about how Cara could help me find employment, so that’s how I landed here.

“Cara Connects helped me secure a maintenance position in a senior living building. I start next week! I am excited because it’s my first step towards gainful employment. I’m eager to start in this entry-level role, so that years down the line, I can be in a leadership role.

“My hope is that I’ll be able to own a home and feel content someday.”

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