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Allstate on What Makes a Trailblazer

We sat down with our friends at Allstate, recipient of the Trailblazer Award at The 9th Annual Cara Gala, to learn their philosophy on helping others and what makes a trailblazer.

On what makes a Trailblazer…

A trailblazer sees how the world can be different. They imagine what they want to achieve, and then build a path to get there. They find solutions never before considered and opportunities others can’t conceive.

Trailblazers imagine what may be needed in the future – then meet the need. Through ingenuity and bold actions. Even when others don’t see their vision.

They have the strength to face adversity and the resilience to keep going.

On building thriving communities…

We empower people to achieve their hopes and dreams. By giving them peace of mind. And confidence in a better future. And that’s not possible unless the world’s a place where hopes and dreams can thrive. So that’s why we’re not just protecting customers but building stronger communities.

At Allstate, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life well protected – and everyone has a right to participate and prosper in an equitable society. Part of Allstate’s legacy is to challenge convention and take the first step on a new path. There’s a lot of work to be done to eliminate economic inequity in our communities. That’s why we have long-standing efforts to create equitable business practices including hiring, talent development, investing and supplier diversity. And, in 2020, The Allstate Foundation added a racial equity pillar to its portfolio to support innovative workforce development strategies and employers’ efforts to increase access to thriving wage employment.

“Part of Allstate’s legacy is to challenge convention and take the first step on a new path.”

On how they are advancing economic opportunity…

Consumers expect corporations to lead, and we strive to live up to that. Creating an inclusive economy demands that we pay attention not only to individual-level discrimination, but to societal outcomes, as well. Allstate and other businesses have a collective responsibility to do better and do more to create economic opportunity. Because government and nonprofits – even the very best, like Cara Collective – shouldn’t have to solve societal inequities alone. At Allstate, we’re doing our part.

Even when unemployment is low, many segments of the population are excluded from secure, well-paid jobs. Income inequality is a growing problem. And it contributes to a gap in the accumulation of family wealth. That’s why we’re working with nonprofits like the Cara Collective to close the racial opportunity gap by creating pathways to thriving wage careers for all. We encourage other corporations to join us.

“Allstate and other businesses have a collective responsibility to do better and do more to create economic opportunity.”

On where they align with Cara Collective’s mission and values…

It’s inspiring to see how Cara Collective has helped build real change and strengthen communities through the power and purpose of employment. We’re proud that Allstate could help build on this legacy. Working alongside partners like Cara Collective helps us further embrace unique identities, provide more opportunities, and deepen relationships with communities.

Cara Collective has placed 8,000 people into 12,000 quality jobs since its founding 30 years ago, fueling a courageous national movement to end poverty. Cara is empowering participants to not only get a job, but to keep it, ending the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. Working with Cara Collective, we can remove barriers to employment together.

The 9th Annual Cara Gala takes place Friday, May 17. Limited tickets and sponsorships are remaining. Learn more about our honorees, speakers, and more at www.caragala.org.