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Anthony’s Path to BMORE

Meet Anthony, a Cara participant who is currently an Associate Banker at BMO. He shares his experience joining BMORE, a workforce development program co-created by BMO and Cara Collective to remove barriers and increase access to careers in banking and finance.

“Before Cara, I was working in janitorial services. I just needed some support to get on the right career path. I had my college degree, so I wasn’t starting completely from scratch. I was interested in the banking industry, and had applied to some places but was unable to secure something substantial. I learned about Cara through Skills for Chicagoland’s Future, where I was introduced to the BMORE program. 

“I had applied for a bank teller position at BMO before joining Cara but had not heard back after my initial interview. When I heard about BMORE, I made sure to take advantage of that opportunity. It gave me another shot at applying for the position that I wanted. The process was really quick and easy. Skills for Chicagoland’s Future and Cara worked so efficiently off of each other. My coach at Cara got my resume in front of someone really fast and thoroughly prepared me for the interview. It was a great process.

“My position as a Banking Associate requires a lot of responsibility. It’s a very fast-paced job because you’re dealing with people’s money, and that means a quick turnaround time. I’ve definitely become more tech savvy, and I’ve learned how to operate systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and all of the software that we use on a day-to-day basis. I also do a lot of sales and relationship building, which has taught me to communicate better, as I have to have great customer service skills. Lastly, I manage the upkeep of the office and balance your drawer every day. All of these responsibilities mean it is super important to have good time management and multitasking abilities.

“I wear a lot of hats, which has helped me build my suite of skills. BMO definitely recognizes hard work, and they have been doing a lot to retain and invest in their employees. They really help you map out your career. This position has taught me a lot about the direction that I want to go and I’m hoping to grow within the company soon.

“I would advise people to be patient, stay dedicated, and invest in yourself. The work requires a lot, but there’s a lot of potential to grow at BMO. Keep asking questions and never stop learning, and your hard work will get noticed. I’m grateful that BMORE and Cara opened this door for me to help build my career.

Learn more about the BMORE program. You can support more job seekers like Anthony on their path to gainful employment by giving a gift today.