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Cara 5Q with Arieh

Get to know the newest members of the Cara Staff in 5 questions.


Arieh Venick

Talent Mobility Specialist


Tell us about where you worked or what you studied before coming to Cara.

Before coming to Cara, I participated in the Public Allies Apprenticeship program. Through Public Allies, I worked as an Employment Specialist at the Albany Park Community Center. I went into Public Allies immediately after graduating from the College of Wooster, where I studied sociology and wrote a 175-page undergraduate dissertation on the identification of fascistic thought in modern politics. I had never considered workforce development as a career path, but after moving to Chicago and getting my feet wet in the world of non-profit employment assistance, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else!


Why are you excited to join the Cara family?

I am so excited to start with Cara because of the amazing impact Cara has on our participants’ lives and the incredible culture that is fostered by the Cara family. From the first moment of my interview with the Placement Team, everyone wore the values of friendship, integrity, and passion on their sleeve. I love coming to work every day knowing that the reason I’m here is to create an exemplary participant experience.


Tell us about when you went in the Motivations circle for the first time. What was the question and how did you answer?

The first time I went into the circle was terrifying. I am pretty used to public speaking and have gotten good at it over the years, but walking out of the darkness into the brightly lit circle had me really shaken up. I greeted the Cara community as my knees trembled and repeated the question, “Tell us about a person you admire. What has this person taught you?” I spoke about my mother. As a child of Jewish immigrants, she took herself out of rural West Virginia, became the first in her family to graduate from college, and went on to travel the world. Her audacity has served as a guiding light for my growth as an individual. She always reminded me to push my limits and shoot for the stars. The Motivations circle can be a daunting task, but it is an amazing tool to foster vulnerability, push boundaries in a healthy way, and create community. I value every morning when I am able to watch and participate in Motivations.


What is the best experience you have ever had?

The best experience I’ve had yet has been my time living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only is Copenhagen beautiful and welcoming, but it was the site of one of the most outstanding moments in my life. While studying abroad in Copenhagen in the latter half of my junior year of college, I pursued a new passion of mine while abroad, refugee advocacy. Through my work with a local refugee advocacy and defense network, I was recommended to attend the International Women’s March. It was the largest demonstration I had ever seen. Seeing all of the people on the street full of life, passion, and pride was incredibly inspiring and empowering. It filled me with amazing energy that I was able to bring back to the organizing groups I worked with at school. It is something I have carried with me ever since.


What’s left on your bucket list?

I’d like to think I’ve gotten a lot done in 24 years, but my bucket list is still pretty long. Two things right at the top of my list are traveling to Southeast Asia and learning Spanish. I want to eat Pad Thai in Bangkok and become more versatile in Spanish beyond just being able to order my tortas at San Jaunitos Taquaria.


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