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Irma’s Second Chapter

“Before Cara, I was primarily staying at home to care for my family. I was happy doing that, but I felt bad that my husband worked every day to pay the bills and the rent. When my kids got older, I was determined to find a job opportunity. Now that I’m working with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago, I make my own money that helps our family. 

Catholic Charities is a great place to work. It has changed my life and the lives of my husband and children. My husband never asked me to go back to work, but I wanted to help pay the bills; I feel proud to be contributing.

I wanted to find an opportunity that I enjoyed and a team that cared about me. That’s why I went to Northwest Side Housing Center, where I was introduced to Mariel Corona from Cara Connects. She connected me with Catholic Charities, and I was so excited.

“Raising kids prepared me to be successful on the job, and I found a new sense of purpose.”

Every day, I stay busy helping customers, stocking shelves, and working the register. When Cara Connects checks in to see how I’m doing, I tell them how happy I am in my position. It’s wonderful that they care so much about me.

Thank you to Cara Connects and Northwest Side Housing Center for helping me find this opportunity. I love my job, and I think Catholic Charities really likes having me on their team.”

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