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Meet the Cara Connects Team

As a part of Cara Collective, we believe in the idea of “one band, one sound,” meaning we are at our best and strongest when we work together as a community. Born out of the concepts we consistently saw when evaluating what we do and why we see results, these are the values that keep us grounded and guide us in our decision making as an organization.


Motivation propels. We identify, instill, and hold onto it. Where there is a desire to succeed, there is an opportunity to transform thought into action.


Affirmation reinforces. We celebrate instances of progress, understanding that the journey in the right direction is just as, if not more, important than the final destination.


Community connects. We actively build networks that strengthen us all. If we can get each other, we can serve each other best.


Structure improves. We practice the discipline of operating within a larger framework. When the rules of the game are clear and well-understood, creativity and innovation can flourish.


Intentionality aims. We focus on the endgame during planning and design. In doing so, we build roadmaps to real, lasting success and avoid deriving validation from a quick win.

Joe Mutuc
Chief Business Development Officer
LaTanya Simpson
Staffing Specialist
Mariel Corona
Senior Manager of Cara Connects
Timothy Loeffler
Staffing Specialist