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Cloudbakers Finds a Solution to Support Cara Job Seekers

This past year presented innumerable challenges and great uncertainty, but thanks to the generous support of partners like Cloudbakers, we were able to help 950 people experiencing poverty find gainful employment and transform their futures.

Mitch Greenwald, CEO & Founder of Cloudbakers, a cloud solutions and management company, knew the pandemic would be hard for everyone to navigate, but it would disproportionately impact people affected by poverty. With this in mind, Mitch and his team came up with a plan to support the greater Chicago community by donating $100 to Cara for each and every new company that turned to Cloudbakers to implement custom cloud technology solutions.

To date, Cloudbakers’ support and commitment to our mission has amounted to more than $18,000, the cost of ensuring eight job seekers land permanent jobs.

“When COVID-19 hit, we knew it would be very tough for many people, particularly those affected by poverty. As such, we wanted to balance any business success we had during the year with a benefit to a nonprofit, particularly one that helps get folks on their feet through employment.”

Mitch Greenwald, CEO & Founder, Cloudbakers

For the 2020 holiday season, Cloudbakers took their giving initiative even further, creating an additional opportunity for their community to give back to ours. Instead of sending holiday presents as a thank you to their partners at Google, the team determined the best gift would be to donate to organizations serving individuals and families in need.

They proposed an option for the Google team to choose charitable organizations for Cloudbakers to donate $100 per person on their behalf. In total, their holiday giving contributed more than $9,000 in donations to great causes, with more than $1,500 dedicated to helping Cara job seekers find gainful employment.

Together, we ensured job seekers like Greg were able to land jobs and transform their futures. Read Greg’s story.

We are incredibly grateful for Cloudbakers and their continued support and commitment to our mission. Click here to learn the story behind the company.