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How Cara transformed me into the mother I am today

Meet Corneisha, Cara alum and Corporate Account Specialist at Cara. In honor of Mother’s Day, Corneisha shares her experience as a new mother and the impact the Cara community has made on her life as a mother.

The first six months of being a mother…

“My daughter was born in December 2022 and her name is Ni’Zariah. Raising her so far has been five months of a crazy journey. I was already a busy woman before she came into my life. I was full time, still in school, working on my recovery, and showing up in my family’s lives. Just juggling everything at once.

“Motherhood made my life busier, but in turn, it has given me so much structure. I have a different kind of responsibility now.

“It’s also so much fun. I have a heart for DIY projects, and she gives me a great reason to be creative with the activities we do together, the way I dress her up, and the pictures I take. She’s the baby girl that I’ve always wanted.

Growing with Cara

“The Cara community really helped me become the mother I am today. I was here as a participant, then closely involved as an alum, and now I’m back as a staff member. Cara was a huge part of my growing into this strong woman. I would not be where I’m at today without the support I’ve received here. The community motivates me and brings such positive energy. It was perfect timing that I came to work here in the middle of my pregnancy because it didn’t feel like a burden. I was just endlessly supported and loved by everyone.

“Cara was a huge part of my growing into this strong woman. I would not be where I’m at today without the support I’ve received here.”

“I want to make my daughter proud. I want to give her a reason to love me. Not just because I’m her mother and because I gave birth to her, but because I’m Corneisha. I want her to love me because I deserve it by being the best mother I can for her.  I want to try to be the perfect example of a woman for her.

“It’s challenging, but that’s what encourages me to just push myself to work every day. It’s something I always wanted, but now I have this extra motivation knowing that my daughter is watching me.”

“I want to make my daughter proud.”

What motherhood has taught me…

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from taking care of my daughter is to give people grace. I’ve gotten a lot more patient and tolerant through this process. I try to be as gentle and patient as I can with her because I want her to learn the same values and extend that same grace to people. 

“If I had to give myself advice looking back, I would say to be easy on myself. I would have said to just do the best that you can, and to take time for myself. In the beginning, I thought I had to be supermom all the time. I know now that it isn’t possible to have all of the answers, and I just need to take it day by day.

My hope for my child…

“My hope for my daughter is for her to just be as nice and caring to others as possible. The values I’ve learned while being a part of the Cara community are the same ones that I want her to learn. I hope she’s able to make a difference in the world, in whatever capacity she chooses. Similar to the community at Cara, I just want her to be her authentic and genuine self.

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