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Debra on how she finds motivation and inspiration from her son

My relationship with my son Tyler is unmatched.

“I had my son at 40 years old. He’s my biggest accomplishment and motherhood has been an extraordinary journey. It was also a journey I never thought I would have, since I had him later in life. But he’s enlightened me and helped me grow as a parent and person. I’ve learned how to be more patient in my everyday life because of him. I cannot count all the lessons I’ve learned from him.

“I joined Cara in January 2020, after years of feeling unfulfilled in my job. I thought I was too old to make a career change, but through Cara’s support, I was given the opportunity to find a career in heath care I was passionate about. Tyler says he notices how happy I’ve become since I came to Cara and found a job I love.

“My transformation at Cara inspired him to work hard. I always encourage him as much as possible, telling him to keep going until you can’t go any further. I never stop him from chasing his dreams. I tell him he can get whatever he wants in life. He is so motivated to be bigger than life, and that motivates me.

“One thing that is so special is that he still comes to me for advice and talks to me about his feelings. What teenage boy does that? I think it’s because I’ve always loved on him, gave him endless affection, and always just listened to him. I may not always agree with him, but I make sure to always listen. 

“Spending time with him is the most fulfilling part of my life. So much of my happiness comes from experiencing life through his eyes. The only hard part for me is accepting that he’s growing up and going to college soon. He will be the first person in our family to go to college and I am so proud of who he’s become. I can’t wait for him to keep moving through life. I want my son to conquer the world, and I know he can.”

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