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Meet Greg

As a former professional football player for the Toronto Argonauts, Greg was used to tackling life and recovering from its hard hits. But after finishing his football career, he was left with physical injuries and relied too heavily on his prescribed medication.

His addiction cost him everything: his second career in sales, his family, and his security. But his turning point came when he appeared in court and the judge unexpectedly sent him to rehab instead of jail. This show of faith changed Greg’s future and set him on the path to unlocking his power and purpose.

On his recovery journey, Greg found Cara, but he was hesitant to let Cara find the real him. Embarrassed by his past, he didn’t want to relive or openly discuss his story — that is until Cara’s Transformations training showed him the power and healing in sharing his truth.

“As an athlete, I always try to be strong, but I actually broke down in one of those classes, not only crying but balling. Now I share my story with confidence.”

Greg became a regular at Cara’s front desk, welcoming everyone with his infectious smile and outgoing personality. He was well on his pathway out of poverty before the pandemic hit and the job market tightened.

As his search for gainful employment lingered, Greg remained persistent and motivated, crediting his emotional strength to having the support of the Cara community behind him.

In June 2020, Greg’s determination paid off. He accepted a job offer with our employment partner Azenity Labs, a commercial disinfecting and infection prevention company. Greg and the Azenity Labs team have kept Cara’s campuses safe and clean all pandemic long.

Most would describe 2020 as a terrible year, but Greg looks at it a little differently. “This year has been wonderful because I’m not ashamed anymore to reach out to my family. I like the work that I do, and now I live in a two-bedroom home.”

The sky is the limit for Greg. He will celebrate his one-year anniversary with Azenity Labs this spring, which means his name will be prominently displayed on our Great Wall.

“Cara saves lives… Through Cara, I got a second opportunity to live again, to work again, and to make connections again.”

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