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Why Guardian Glass Partners with Cara Collective

To honor 30 years of Cara’s work to eradicate poverty, we are sharing stories of the participants, partners, and people who made our past, present, and future possible. For the month of June, we are celebrating stories of hope, jobs, and opportunity. In this interview, we ask employment partner Guardian Glass why they joined forces with us and how our participants show up and show out on the job every day.

  1. Tell us a little bit about Guardian-EGP. How long have you been in operation and what specifically do you provide to people?

We have been in operation for decades, in one form or another. Engineered Glass Products (EGP) was previously a locally owned company and in 2016 was purchased by Guardian Glass. Guardian-EGP specializes in appliance glass products. Most of our products are for inner oven and microwave doors to be specific.

  1. How were you introduced to Cara? What first stood out to you about this organization?

We have had a relationship with Cara for several years. As new leadership took over, there was a time where Cara wasn’t utilized, but in 2020, a former Cara participant gave my contact information to Kelly DeBouver. Since then, we have been working closely on hiring.

  1. What has your experience been like hiring Cara participants? How do they show up and show out on the job?

It has been a wonderful experience for me personally. I love the energy and excitement that Cara participants bring to the interview and to work as well. For many, you can really tell how much getting this opportunity means to them. Having employees who want to be here really does wonders for the culture and overall morale of the whole team.

  1. How has working with Cara shifted your views on hiring and workforce talent?

I have always been a proponent of ban the box measures and supporting hiring based on an individual’s qualifications. So when I was able to partner with Cara, whose work I truly support, it really codified in me the belief that people can make mistakes, but they should be given a fair chance regardless. Past circumstances do not dictate future success.

  1. Coming out of such a tough year for so many, what did you learn as an organization and what do you hope to carry forward into our next normal?

I think the biggest lesson we learned was that organizations need to be adaptable. Change can come unexpectedly, but how you react to it is what matters. The safety of our employees is what truly matters and that will remain as our top priority.

  1. Do you have a standout story or moment involving the hiring or work of a Cara participant?

I feel like I have so many. Overall, though, it is the dedication and commitment that the Cara participants bring each day. They come in, work hard, and do their best. So, a big thank you to Azare, Jacoby, Demarcus (pictured above), Ricardo, Nicholas, Aukin, Rex, Anthony, Robert, John, and soon to be Iterria as well, for all that you do!

  1. What does having your company be a part of the Cara community mean to you?

I feel lucky to be a part of the Cara community. Being able to be a part of so many people’s transformation and self-actualization is really a gift. I can’t wait to see how our partnership continues to develop over the coming months!

Your support ensures Cara Collective will partner with companies like Guardian Glass in our next 30 years, creating thousands of opportunities for motivated job seekers to transform their lives. Please click here to consider making a gift. Plus, for the month of June, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $30,000 thanks to our friends at The Owens Foundation.