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Philile Mabuza, Cara Graduate, talks about her joy in creating a future for her daughter.

Two years ago, Philile’s situation was bleak. She’d just fled her home country in hopes of escaping her abusive husband. It was a bold move that probably saved her life.

Philile found herself living in a shelter with her two teenage children. They’d just lost everything: their home, their savings, the status they’d held in their own country, even their family. But somehow, Philile made sure that her kids held on to the one thing they had left – a belief that the future could be bright.

Despite their hardship, Philile encouraged her daughter to dream, and dream big. Her daughter listened, and set her sights on attending college, and the medical school, with the ultimate goal of becoming a pediatrician.

Faced with an impossible situation, Philile did what moms do when hard times hit. She pushed up her sleeves, put on a brave face, and she got to work to create a better life for her kids. Philile worked to be granted asylum status, allowing them to remain in the country and for her to work legally. She found Cara and poured herself into the program. She applied for job, after job, after job. And she never gave up.

Fast forward, Philile has the job of her dreams. She was just promoted to Philanthropy Coordinator in the Programs Neuro Department at Northwestern Medicine. They’ve moved out of the shelter and into an apartment they can finally call home. Her daughter has graduated high school, and she’s now studying at Loyola’s Arrupe College, having been awarded a full scholarship. She’s created an incredible transformation for herself and her family. Philile is so grateful for the help she received.

In June, she made an unsolicited $50 donation to Cara so she could help others the way she’s been helped. The beautiful note she included said, “It is a very small amount, but it is from a grateful heart.”

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