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Meet Jose, A Cara Success Story

He’s transforming his life, thanks to your support.

“I was looking for a change because I wanted to transition to something new in my career but didn’t know what.

“A friend suggested Cara. All that I knew was that the program would help you find a job. I had no idea it would provide so much more.

“I appreciate the community at Cara and how they are there to provide resources like clothing, health and financial services, and education. As a student, I also appreciated the structure of the program and how it challenges us. Cara challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, which was something that was often difficult for me.

“Going through Transformations, I got to meet people from all different backgrounds who have a positive outlook on life even when faced with tragedy. It was inspiring.

“Regularly attending morning Motivations helped me understand that even if you aren’t having a good morning, you can make it a great day.


I’m amplifying my voice to inspire growth!

“I am passionate about pushing the envelope and giving back to the community. My hope is to find a job in a nonprofit human resources department. I want to contribute to the community through education and professional development.

“I am amplifying my voice to inspire growth.

“Today I am happy and confident and ready for my next chapter.”

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