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Meet Joseph

He’s transforming his life, thanks to your support.

“I was a commercial driver and a veteran, and I felt so…alone. So afraid of people. I felt I had no other option. I attempted suicide.

“After spending some time in a mental health facility and a drug and alcohol rehab center, I was directed to Cara. When I started, I was unemployed and living in a shelter. You can understand why, at first, I thought this wouldn’t work.

“I now have no reason to be afraid.”

“I was surprised at how I continued to see improvements in my mental health at Cara. Going into the circle at Motivations challenged me and I learned that everyone here has their own struggles they are overcoming.

“I am 61 years old and, for the first time, I have no reason to be afraid. I look forward to getting back to work and plan on continuing my association with Cara long after I find employment!”

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