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Meet Juan

He’s transforming his life, thanks to your support.

“The week before I left prison, people told me about Cara and the CTA Second Chance Program. They said that these are the people who will help you better yourself and your life. As soon as I came out of jail, I made an appointment at Cara.

“I got into the program and was able to meet people like Mr. Jesse. I love him. He gave me peace of mind and taught me how to communicate with people. The greatest lessons I learned from Transformations are the five competencies: professionalism, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and time management. I study them every day. The hardest one for me is communication.

“Because of where I came from and how I grew up, I never in a million years thought I was going to be talking to people, going into the circle, and sharing my feelings. I would wake up and tell my wife that I wasn’t going to Cara, but then I would get up, take a shower, and get ready. I am proud of myself because I am DOING this.

“The day that Mr. Jesse put the mirror in front of my face, I said a lot of bad things about myself. That was when I knew that I would go all the way. I am not going to stop or give up. I’m going to chase my dreams. Now, I would describe myself as professional and intelligent.

“My family has seen me change into a whole different person. I tell my kids what I do every day at Cara. They say, “Daddy, you don’t do that. You are not that type of person.” I tell them that I have to change for myself and for them.

“Every morning, I take pictures with my kids when I take them to school. Every time, I am wearing a suit. My first suit ever. My kids say “Man, you look so good. Why didn’t you ever do this before?” They are proud of me.

“I am going to work at Cleanslate. I like to work and move around. I have been in prison for a long time stuck between four walls. I am ready to do Cleanslate and look for jobs at the CTA Second Chance Program or in waste management.”

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