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Meet Michelle

She’s transforming her life, thanks to your support.

“I had a successful career for 25 years in the casino industry and worked my way up to the management level. But due to job reductions, I went from Director of Financial Operations and Customer Service to nothing. I found myself unemployed.

“I decided to go back to school to study human resources, but I also began to drink heavily during that time. Because I was unwilling to accept that I was an alcoholic, I had to hit rock bottom, which is what brought me to Cara. I lost my house, my job, my credit – everything that I once had – all because I let alcohol take over my life.

“I felt hopeless, dark, and in need of structure to change my life. Staying at SisterHouse, a recovery home for women, was the first step in getting back on track.

“Because of SisterHouse’s friendship with Cara, I was already set to join the February class. But it wasn’t until I met Brett, an Admissions Specialist at Cara, that I felt excited about coming. Brett shared his Cara journey with everyone at Above and Beyond, an intensive outpatient program, and it resonated with me because it was similar to my own story.

“When I arrived on the first day of Transformations training at Cara, I was nervous. But I quickly realized Cara was everything and more than I expected. Brett was right; Cara really does provide direction in a judgment-free environment where you can work on your personal transformation.

“I was hesitant to share the dark parts of my past. But through Transformations training, I learned that you shouldn’t hide those parts of yourself. Talking about difficult personal topics with people who are going through similar things provided healing for me. I was afraid of vulnerability, but I learned to open up and shed light on the darkness.

“I learned that my identity had been stuck to a job title, and I lost myself when I lost my job. Coming to Cara helped me find who I am.

“When I dress up in professional clothing, it reflects the change I feel on the inside. I look and feel happy and confident.

“I am motivated by finding my purpose. I hope to find a job where I can work with people and motivate them to accomplish anything they want in life.”

Michelle landed a job as the Administration Coordinator with our friends at Chicago Cares. Way to go, Michelle! This is the perfect role for you to live out your passion for motivating others.

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