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Meet Mykel

He’s transforming his life, thanks to your support.

Before Cara, I was working at a staffing company, but it just wasn’t working out. I was at a point of giving up. I was going through a lot of battles and depression.

I am staying in a shelter right now, and a counselor thought I would do well at Cara.

Coming to Cara has changed me in a good way. It has made me grow and look at things with new eyes.

Cara makes people better human beings by helping us let go of all our baggage. Mr. Jesse put on a “baggage coat” with so many words on it…so much baggage on that coat. He told us that you don’t want to walk around carrying all that baggage because it stops you from moving forward.

Today, I stay positive and see my growth. Going through Cara’s Transformations has really changed me. You not only can use these skills at a job, but in life period.

I learned how to be professional, communicate with people, and work as a team player. I was in a place in my life where I wasn’t using all of these skills.

I never knew I was capable of thinking outside the box and not relaxing. I now know the deepest truth about myself.

I am pumped, excited, and anxious to see where my life goes.

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