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Meet Phillip

He’s transforming his life at Cara, thanks to your support.

What was your life like before Cara?
I was working low-end warehouse jobs. It was very physically strenuous and I actually ended up really hurting my back on the job and I had to take six months off to recover. I had two back procedures done and a steroid shot in my spine. I was stressed out and it got to the point where I didn’t care how much I needed the money, it wasn’t worth risking my health but I needed help finding a new line of work.

Do you remember your first impression of Cara?
The whole staff was just amazing. The whole program is about uplifting people. People lose hope when they don’t have a job. Before Cara, I didn’t have anyone tell me I deserve the best that life had to offer. The staff here brought my fire back and now I’m excited about life again. Cara taught me that I deserve everything the world has to offer, and I truly believe it.

Describe an important lesson learned at Cara.
Time management for sure. I was just hurt and doing nothing for so long, so coming here and having to be on time, not a minute late, was definitely the biggest adjustment.

What was it like the first day you put on a suit to come to Cara?
I was never a suit-and-tie kind of guy before because I was always that blue-collar worker doing hands-on, physical labor. But Cara brought my swag back. Now I put on the suit and I look in the mirror and feel so much more confident about myself.

If you could go back to your first day of Cara and give yourself any piece of advice, what would it be?
I would tell myself to buckle down, because this is different. And improve your time management because it is everything!

Where would you be without Cara?
I can’t even imagine. Cara really changed and shaped my life. I never thought I’d have a great job and meeting all these amazing people, and you forget about how good that feels when you’re stuck in the same old routine like I was in before. This change has been a blessing and I feel so much better about myself.

Phillip is transforming his life. Learn how you can help him unlock his power and purpose by getting back to work.