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Meet Robert

He’s transforming his life, thanks to your support.

“I grew up in the projects. When they tried to recruit me for the gangs, I said no. I didn’t want that life. I chose another path. You have to be a leader instead of a follower.

“I was working a dead-end job and not making enough to support myself. I wanted something better for myself. I wanted to work a job where I made enough money to at least be comfortable.

“I had a friend who was part of Cleanslate. We have always looked out for one another and he told me to checkout Cara.

“I really didn’t know what to expect at first. People were clapping and singing and all I could think was ‘How’s this supposed to help me get a job?’

But then I realized Cara does things differently. It’s all about helping motivate you. They are helping you change. You change your mind about everything – and you start seeing the world with new eyes. Today, I’m more positive, motivated, and focused on my goals.

“It’s so easy to go the wrong direction if you don’t stay focused.

“Now I’m thinking about my future, and saving money so I can achieve my goals.

“It’s up to you how your life will turn out, but I believe if you keep yourself motivated, you can achieve anything.”

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