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Meet Tarolyn

She’s transforming her life at Cara, thanks to your support.

What was your life like before Cara?
I’ve had many tragedies in my life and it left me in a state of depression. I’ve always had a learning disability. I was diagnosed as dyslexic and I was in the midst of changing careers and finding it hard to find work. I was down at my lowest but I knew there was nowhere but up for me.

How would you describe yourself then?
Depressed, next to no skills to offer, and not really knowing how to apply for a job in this day and age. I was tired of living the way I was, desperate to change my life around, and I knew I deserved better.

Do you remember your first impression of Cara?
I wasn’t expecting this – I thought it was just going to be pulling jobs for me to go on interviews. The fact that I am able to learn so much about myself, I love it…that’s the best part of it. I’m doing things I couldn’t before and it’s shocking.

Describe an important lesson learned at Cara.
I have been challenging myself to think outside the box. Because I am dealing with dyslexia, I know I have to do things that I wouldn’t normally do, like ask questions. I used to be afraid, now I ask them all the time…I probably drive my instructors crazy.

If you could go back in time and give past Tarolyn a word of advice before her first day at Cara, what would that be?
Don’t give up, stay focused, stay motivated. When I first came here I was so shy and introverted, I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I’ve learned to move past that and love the conversations I have with everyone here.

What is your dream job?
I never thought about that, I just look to see what’s available and I say “I can do that, I know I can do that, that’s me right there.” And I like being able to say things like that…to be able to believe I can do something.

What’s your go-to song for the Motivations circle?
I love singing gospel! There’s a dream job for me – a gospel singer!

Describe yourself now.
I feel much more confident knowing what I’ve learned, more determined than ever. I’m excited to show my skills. This is my second chance to start my life over with a new career and I’m excited about it.

What motivates you?
It’s keeping yourself inspired and telling yourself that something good is going to come up. If you keep pushing yourself you’re going to reap the benefits in the end.

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