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Meet Theresa

“Before I came to Cara, I was feeling unmotivated. I was newly in recovery, and stuck in a cycle of working temporary jobs that never ended up hiring me full time. It really discouraged me and I wasn’t feeling any sense of fulfillment. I had responsibilities as an adult that I needed to see through. I wasn’t a young child that can depend on others anymore. A quality job is necessary for someone my age. Temporary positions don’t give you consistency, and in order to maintain sobriety, it was important to have a routine.

“I was standing at the bus stop and I saw the Cleanslate crew doing their usual rounds. It looked like they were doing good work. When I approached them about it, everyone had positive things to say and said that if you put in hard work, it led to a permanent job. I called the number on the truck, and started working there in October 2022.

“When I started at Cleanslate, I was getting frustrated at first. It wasn’t easy being in the cold weather while also cleaning up the streets. But, I kept reminding myself how frustrated I was at the temporary jobs. I was here for a reason and I just needed to keep going. As I kept participating in the classes at Cara and became closer with the staff and participants, I began to enjoy my time more. We would all motivate each other, and I started to feel like a part of the family. Then, I won Cleanslater of the Month in February 2023, which motivated me even more. I made sure to not lose sight of my goals, and hearing the stories of my fellow participants helped me do that. Being at Cara helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in my struggle. It wasn’t just my story anymore. Through this process, I found the strength to persevere and create a better life for myself. 

“Being at Cara helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in my struggle. It wasn’t just my story anymore.”

“I learned a lot of patience through Cara. I waited for the best opportunity for me, and knew I deserved the best that life had to offer. I stuck with it, was a team player, and at the end I found the job I wanted. This week, I’m starting a position at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab as an Environmental Services Technician!

Theresa Ringing the Bell at Motivations

“I’m really excited for this job. I’m ready to keep reaching my goals that I’ve set for myself. I want to eventually purchase a building and be a residential landlord. I have big plans for my life and this job helps me get there. Cara gave me the stability that I need. I went from a cycle of temporary employment to finding a lifelong family at Cleanslate.”

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