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Selvan Thinks Outside the Box to Make His Next Career Move

Selvan came to Cara with a wealth of experience, but after an unexpected lay-off, he learned to think outside the box to make his next career move.

“I came to the United States to finish my PhD and learn new skills that I could apply to my work back home in India. I was very much involved in grassroots work for underprivileged individuals in rural communities. But my life changed, so I began looking for opportunities here in the United States.

“Earlier in my career, I worked many kinds of jobs – as a professor in college, teacher in high school, chaplain in a hospital, counselor, and company manager. But when I was let go from my most recent position, I had real difficulty finding a new opportunity; I knew that I needed help with my job search.

“A friend of mine recommended Cara, and specifically Cara Connects, Cara’s mission-driven staffing firm. I pictured the organization as a traditional staffing firm and hoped they would have jobs lined up and ready to go. I started submitting application after application and nothing happened at first. I began to wonder if partnering with Cara would make a difference.

“I had to learn how to think outside the box and look at myself and my career from a new perspective. I came in with ideas for my future based on my past lived experience. What I needed was to think creatively and be open to new possibilities.

Selvan (first row second from the right) and members of the Cara community at LinkedIn’s headquarters

“I realized I don’t have to start a job at the management level. I can grow within a company. With this new mindset, I worked with Cara Connects to find employment with C&W Services as their newest Service Center Associate. I am eager to learn and make a difference in my new role.

“Cara and Cara Connects became my support system that empathized with my struggles, advocated my skills to employers, and guided me toward potential job opportunities I never considered. It was like having myself – more Selvans – out in the world in the form of each Cara staff member who walked with me along my journey to employment.

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