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Walter’s Comeback Career

“I got into an altercation a couple years ago, and so I lost my career as a mental health specialist. I didn’t spend time in jail or anything, mostly just going back and forth to court. I tried to fight it for two years; but ultimately, I walked away with a criminal background that hindered me.

“I couldn’t apply to work at a lot of companies because they had to be background friendly. I definitely didn’t think I’d get to work in healthcare again.

“I needed to get my life back where it needed to be.”

“Fortunately, I was introduced to Cara Collective by a friend who had worked at a homeless shelter with me during my years as a mental health specialist. It was the heart of the pandemic – October 2020. I came in for a job, but Cara provided me with so much more.

“From my first call, the whole team at Cara was wonderful – really helped me get back on my feet. They helped me with housing and paying my rent; whatever I needed. I became part of the Cara family, and I didn’t want to disappoint them.

“Knowing I had a medical background, Cara helped me get an opportunity with Erie Family Health Center through their staffing firm, Cara Connects. I was grateful for the opportunity because, after 20 some years in the healthcare field, it was the career I enjoyed most.

“At Erie Family Health Center, I became a leader, helping to organize COVID testing, while making appointments and doing a lot of administration work. I was happy to be leading a team, and I was careful and never caught COVID.

“By the time my contract was up, Erie Family Health Center called Cara and said that they didn’t want to lose me; they wanted me to stay and work for them. It made me feel great that they saw all my hard work.

I got my second chance.

“Since then, I’ve even been promoted, and I’m grateful Erie Family Health Center sees me. People make mistakes, and I’d like companies to know that you can’t judge a person until you actually know them and their circumstance.

“And the best part? As of a month ago, I am free.”

“Members from the Cara team like Rita and Kathie put me in touch with legal resources and referrals. Together, we got my background expunged.

“I am really grateful I stayed the course and for the support of everyone on this journey.”

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