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DirecTech: Providing Digital Marketing Opportunities

Insights from DirecTech’s Director of Operations, Shawna Stevenson

DirecTech, a digital marketing and advertising agency, started working with Cara Connects when Cara alum Rachelle applied for a temporary role with us. We liked her so much that we hired her as a data analyst. 

After hiring Rachelle for a long-term position, Cara Connects introduced us to Sarah, and she leads our group of writers. We worked closely with Sarah to create a training for writers, but I have to give most of the credit to her; she put our training program together. Sarah leads all of the training and makes sure everyone has the tools they need to be successful. Her team produces articles left and right, and that helps us tremendously. After writing and editing each article for the businesses we support, the team publishes the information used to create video ads for indoor digital billboards.

Sarah works directly with Robert, one of Cara Connects’ talented writers, and she can’t say enough about having him on her team. She says, ‘I’d work with Robert at any company, on any team. He is an exceptional DirecTech writer and one of the easiest people to work with on an already consistently great team. Robert has dependably solid writing skills, adapts to changes quickly, and conducts himself with the highest level of professionalism.’

Without a doubt, I have loved working with Cara and Cara Connects. Without their team of writers, DirecTech wouldn’t be where we are today. Our CEO, Andy McKenna, and I enjoy regular meetings with the Cara Connects team to learn about their experience and what we can do to improve our process.

I would tell any company to work with Cara Connects. Not only is it great to have Cara participants and alumni on our team, but we hope it’s a really good experience for them as the writers. We want everyone to enjoy the work, learn new skills, and see their day-to-day work make an impact for the businesses we partner with.”

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