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We’re Celebrating Cara Connects This Labor Day!

In 2013, we could feel the weight of the job market shifting beneath us – a shift causing rippling effects of furloughs and lay-offs not unlike the ones we feel and see in 2020. Employers felt the weight of the still-lingering recession – forcing them to be nimble with their resources – while many talented people sat on the sidelines of the mainstream Chicago workforce. That is how Cara Connects, our mission-driven staffing firm, was born.

We are in business to pair candidates, who are more than capable of thriving in entry- and mid-level positions, with employers looking for individuals possessing specific skills that will make them a great fit on day one. Together, our participants and employment partners turn short-term jobs into long-term friendships. 

In honor of Labor Day, we are sharing stories of how #CaraConnects job seekers to opportunity, businesses to talent, emerging leaders to mentors, and employers to communities. Follow along as we celebrate the intertwining stories of some talented employees and leading employers. Let’s get to work!


Martha was able to move into her own apartment because of opportunities provided by The Habitat Company and Cara Connects.

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Martha Opening Doors to Opportunity

The Habitat Company: Providing a Place to Call Home


Keith is making sure people experiencing homelessness are counted in the 2020 United States Census with support from StreetWise and Cara Connects.

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Keith Making Sure Everyone Counts

StreetWise: Connecting U.S. Government to Communities


Alejandra unlocked a renewed sense of hope and self-confidence that makes her an innovative leader at HHPLIFT.

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Alejandra Unlocking Hope and Self-Confidence

HHPLIFT: Lifting Up People’s Gifts and Talents


Irma’s experience raising her children shaped her strong work ethic and care for others; qualities she brings to her job at Catholic Charities.

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Irma’s Second Chapter


Robert came to Cara Connects looking for work experience, and now he’s learning how to become a writer with our friends at DirecTech.

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Robert Becoming a Writer

DirecTech: Providing Digital Marketing Opportunities


Nicole is making a difference working with The Hatchery to create opportunity for entrepreneurs and job seekers.

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Nicole Making a Difference

The Hatchery: Creating Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Job Seekers


Xavien’s new beginning started the moment he met teacher and role model Johnny Galloway at Cara.

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Xavien’s New Beginning

Johnny Galloway: Teacher and Role Model