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Johnny Galloway: Teacher and Role Model

Johnny’s Story

“It was a great decision for Cara’s Office Manager, Lisa Schreck, and I to partner with Cara Connects to find interns looking for experience on our Facilities Team. I work on building maintenance and janitorial service, but it was tough balancing both jobs on my own. I am dedicated to each and having an intern makes it possible.

Lisa and I provide three to five days of training, but we look for people who want to own the job. Interns have to take initiative; there’s no hand-holding. It’s a really good opportunity for Cara participants, especially if they want to build skills before starting a full-time career with employment partners like the Chicago Transit Authority. We like to see what participants already know and what skills they want to work on.

My favorite part about working with an intern is giving someone an opportunity that was offered to me. I build confidence and leadership experience when I have the opportunity to pass on my skill sets. I always want to give back.

I love when interns are eager to learn, and from the beginning, I saw Xavien’s eagerness and shared passion for doing the job well; it wasn’t just about a paycheck. We are on the same path, and he has a lot of potential to grow.

Especially when it comes to maintaining Cara’s offices during the pandemic, we show the same work ethic that makes an impact every day. I see it in how Xavien is always on time and very reliable. I would recommend Xavien to any future employer.”

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