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Xavien’s New Beginning

Xavien’s Story

“I was working in a warehouse when I learned that I needed major surgery. I always worked hard on the job, but my injury forced me to move much slower. I had a hard time keeping up, so they had to let me go. It was really disappointing.

A previous boss helped me move forward by referring me to Cara. I was really nervous to join the Cara community, and specifically the Cara Connects program, because I pictured a typical temporary job service where they often give you the run-around.

But Cara Connects is different; they want your temporary roles to get you closer to a permanent opportunity. Cara, across the entire organization, shows compassion and integrity towards people who are getting back on their path after losing their way.

I was really excited to start Cara’s facilities internship program because I wanted to learn from and work with Johnny Galloway, the Lead Facilities & Maintenance Associate. He started teaching me new janitorial and maintenance skills on day one. I was so happy to be getting hands-on experience, but most of all, I was grateful that Johnny became a big brother to me. The learning possibilities are endless working with him. 

Towards the end of my internship, Johnny and I were working on Cara’s South Side Campus when all regular activities were paused because of COVID-19. I wondered what I was going to do next since my internship was ending.

I received a short-term project with another company, but it started the Monday after civil unrest broke out Sunday evening in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Because public transportation wasn’t running on Monday, I couldn’t get to my first day on the job. It was frustrating not to have family or friends I could count on to give me a ride.

After missing out on this opportunity, it wasn’t long before Johnny reached out to share that the internship program was going to re-start, and I could join for a second time. I really appreciate that he welcomed me back.

Johnny, along with everyone at Cara, has become more of a family than the one I was born into. Coming to Cara and working with Cara Connects has changed my life. Everyone is looking out for me and helping me reach my goal of getting a permanent, full-time position. Together, we are working on pursuing an open janitorial position in a hospital. I’m ready to land that job, fix my financial situation, hopefully get my own place, and start my new life.”

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