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StreetWise: Connecting U.S. Government to Communities

Insights from Alexandria Maloney, StreetWise Employment Specialist

StreetWise partners with Cara Connects to create employment opportunities for the homeless and individuals experiencing poverty through our jobs program. We recently received funding to employ people who want to help with the 2020 United States Census outreach.  

Before the pandemic, our workers primarily sold StreetWise magazines. As fewer Chicagoans came downtown to work, we sought an innovative way for our workers to have access to income. Census outreach provided this timely opportunity. 

Our team of outreach workers travel all over the city to make sure people experiencing homelessness or unstable housing get counted, educating them about the census and its immense impact. So far, census workers supported by StreetWise and Cara Connects have counted nearly 10,000 people who may not have been counted otherwise. 

Keith is one of our census outreach workers. He has been a powerhouse magazine seller and assisted StreetWise in several other capacities for over five years. Keith is a perfect fit for census outreach because he makes a connection with every person he meets. 

We are grateful to be able to support workers like Keith with the help of Cara Connects. Their assistance with onboarding and programming is critical. I work specifically with Mary Belville, Cara Connects Staffing Account Manager, and she provides all of the necessary support. It is such a dream partnership.”

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