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The Habitat Company: Providing a Place to Call Home

Insights from Allen Bosbyshell, The Habitat Company Community Manager

“The Habitat Company manages properties across Chicago, and we look for diligent, detail-oriented, and determined candidates. That’s why Cara Connects is our go-to when we have an open position.

The ability to tap Cara Connects for our temporary staffing needs during this pandemic has been very helpful. It’s important to our team that we do everything possible to keep our residents safe in the time of COVID-19, especially because the majority of my team’s residents are senior citizens.

Martha, our most recent Cara Connects participant, is fantastic. We noticed right away how diligent and excellent she is with file management. She catches any and all file mistakes and keeps them in order. She also is amazing when it comes to balancing phone calls, emails, and her work with the files.

Hopefully, everyone who comes to us from Cara Connects has a great experience. We have a really good training program and foster a positive workplace environment. We want everyone to enjoy coming to work here.”


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