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HHPLIFT: Lifting Up People’s Gifts and Talents

“The HHPLIFT 1eleven Program hires people from underserved or overlooked communities to get them back into the workforce. For our hiring process, we often turn to Cara Connects. We train workers to make candles, bath, and spa products. Additionally, they also get trained in skills like shipping, sales, and data entry. 

I first met Alejandra, our Manager of the 1eleven Program, through Cara Connects. I knew from the very beginning that Alejandra wouldn’t be on our team temporarily; she was meant to be a part of the HHPLIFT family for the long term. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, she brilliantly created our “Be a hero…Wash your hands” campaign that encouraged customers to buy or donate soaps directly supporting front-line workers in hospitals and nursing homes.

Cara Connects also introduced us to Elvin, and he kept this place afloat when COVID-19 hit. He started out in a temporary position, but we hired him permanently because we couldn’t let him leave. Elvin is so dedicated to his work; even when we were doing a lot of our work from home this past winter, he came into the office to take care of orders and shipping.

I cannot imagine HHPLIFT without Alejandra and Elvin. Both recently won an award at our annual event recognizing their work that supported our company during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am so grateful to Cara Connects because they introduce us to people we want and need on our team.”


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