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Our Inclusion Action Lab

The Inclusion Action Lab works alongside employers to grow their talent pipelines and create inclusive workplaces that promote business and employee performance. Leveraging our work with 100+ employers and 8,000+ job seekers, companies will learn the barriers that prevent them from reaching and retaining qualified talent. By tapping into the direct experience of job seekers and workers – as well as learnings from participating companies – this exclusive cohort provides employers with tactical strategies they can take to tap new talent pools while also impacting the communities hardest hit by poverty.


by discovering how you can better define and market open roles to attract a wider talent pool


by reducing barriers for candidates and assessing transferable skills across the hiring process 


by strengthening onboarding and manager relationships to better support employee success 


by developing a culture where employees can thrive and creating pathways for them to grow 

Inclusion Action Road Map

Over the course of the Inclusion Action Lab, companies go through an immersive experience where inclusive-minded business leaders have a space to meaningfully connect with their teams and leaders at other companies to explore and drive transformational talent practices. Learn more about the full experience here. This experience includes three steps: 

Cultivate Your Inclusive Talent Strategies

Discover Cara Collective’s employee-centered recruitment and retention practices and workshop inclusive strategies with your team and peers in the cohort.

Launch an Inclusive Practice Pilot

Drill down on the talent practices that align with the metrics that matter to your company and design a pilot to activate these practices in your organization.

Join an Inclusive Employer Network

Deploy your pilot and stay connected with your cohort and other alumni for ongoing peer learning, support, and accountability.

Who Should Attend

The Inclusion Action Lab is designed for businesses that have identified opportunities in their hiring or retention practices and are ready to move to action.

  • Company Profile: Companies with at least one entry-level role that does not require pre-existing industry specialization are best suited to take advantage of this cohort.
  • Attendee Profile: Companies should select 2-4 team members to represent their business, including but not limited to c-suite executives, business unit leaders, heads of HR, and DEI champions. To maximize the experience, we require at least one decision-maker who can influence practices at a team level.

  • “I learned so much! I have attended several DEI trainings over the past few years but really appreciated the collaboration and tailored approach provided by the Inclusion Action Lab. Learning from not only the Cara experts but also members of the Cara community and other companies that are tackling DEI challenges was incredibly valuable. Thank you so much! ”
    – Jillian Radke, North America Head of Campus Recruitment, AON
  • “You’re being biased in your hiring practices and you don’t even realize it. It’s happening every day, but you are oblivious. Implicit biases are preventing you from creating a Diverse and Inclusive workplace. Cara will work with you to educate and better form your understanding of what it truly means to be inclusive. ”
    – Zeeshan Syed, Talent Acquisition Lead, IAA
  • “Cara is the gold standard of community organizations that come alongside the job candidate, meet their individual needs, place them in transitional employment, and then transition them to meaningful jobs. ”
    – Genevieve Martin, Executive Director, Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation

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